Things You Need To Consider When Buying A Property

An essential guide for all first-time property buyers in Malaysia (both locals and foreigners) with all basic must-knows such as making sure you do your research, considering your budget carefully, and finding an experienced property agent.

Malaysia is a wonderful place to live. Not only is it considered one of the more affordable places to live in Southeast Asia, it also maintains its title as the best country to retire in.
This means that if you’ve started searching for houses for sale in Malaysia, you’re already on the right path to setting up a successful future!

While the Malaysian property market has been up and down in recent years, the good news is that right now is a great time to buy in Malaysia.

It’s a buyer’s market, and first-time homebuyers – including foreigners looking to buy a property in Malaysia – will find they can afford a property.

But having enough money to buy a house isn’t the only thing to consider. Here’s a checklist of factors you need to think about while searching for your perfect Malaysian property.

1) Make Sure You Do Plenty Of Property Research

2) Consider Your Budget Carefully

3) Understand Property Types And The Risks Of Your Investment

4) If You’re A Foreigner, Know What Property You Can Buy In Malaysia

5) Find An Experienced Property Agent

6) Begin Your Property Search!

An experienced, engaged and friendly real estate agent can be worth their weight in gold. Not only will they work hard to find properties within your budget for you, but they’ll advocate for you, coordinate viewings and communications, and protect your interests.

When choosing someone to help you handle your buying process, make sure the property agent has a range of desirable traits that will ensure you get the best deal.

They should serve as your first line of defense against demanding sellers or developers, handle any mediations, and negotiate in your favour.

They should also, ideally, come with knowledge of the location you’re looking to buy in – from local amenities, travel times, distances to schools and other possible sale/purchase prices – to ensure you come out on top of your transaction.

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